We are a non-governmental organization operating on the market since 2008. The idea of ​​our activity is to improve the qualifications of people in order to adapt to the needs of local and regional labor markets, equalize opportunities for groups at risk of social exclusion, disabled and unemployed people, and support education. We achieve the assumed goals mainly thanks to the implementation of projects co-financed from the European Social Fund (ESF). As part of the projects we have obtained, participants through professional activation, specialized training, individual counseling, group consultancy gain knowledge of: EU funds, accounting, marketing and PR, organization management, cooperation with business, and also have the possibility of obtaining subsidies for starting their own business business.

The numbers that say about us:

  • 10 years of active activity,
  • 4 voivodships, on which we currently focus our activities: Wielkopolskie, Dolnośląskie, Łódzkie and Lubuskie,
  • over 30 successfully implemented social projects,
  • over 20 completed projects for activities in the area of ​​education,
  • over 10 realized grant projects,
  • a total of over 30 ongoing projects,
  • over 400 companies founded thanks to EU subsidies in projects implemented by the Foundation,
  • thousand of beneficiaries!

The scope of our activity includes 4 main areas:

• Entrepreneurship development and subsidies for running business activity for the unemployed, economically inactive or at risk of losing their job,

• Professional activation and improvement of competences of young people, teachers, the unemployed and people threatened with social exclusion,

• Educational projects,

• Urban projects - "Assisted housing - training".


Fundacja Inicjowania Rozwoju Społecznego (Foundation of Social Development Initiation)
Hoża 1, 60-591 Poznań
Phone : +48 (61) 642 94 46
Fax : +48 (61) 642 94 47